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Surveying plays an important and valuable role in establishing and maintaining individual property rights.  They were often on the forefront of the growth and development of our country.  Three of our most famous and beloved presidents were surveyors – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. 

Beginning in the mid 1800’s in the Dakota Territory the federal government (through the General Land Office or GLO) commissioned and contracted with surveyors to establish and mark the various sections, townships and ranges that cross what is now South Dakota.  Those surveys continued into the early 1900’s in western South Dakota.  In the Black Hills area these surveys were often preceded by surveyors marking Mineral Surveys and Homestead Entry Surveys.  These surveys, maps and markings established the framework to grant and convey private ownership of property.

Surveyors today continue to verify, establish and mark property boundaries.  Each parcel of land that can be transferred or conveyed has a legal description and can be physically retraced and marked.  Licensed Professional Surveyors are the only individuals qualified and permitted by state law to provide such surveys.

At Fisk Land Surveying & Consulting Engineers, Inc., we have three licensed surveyors on staff and that have marked and established literally thousands of miles of property boundary – from individual residences, to commercial properties, to United States Forest Service boundaries.

In addition to boundary surveying, we provide mapping services that can be utilized for design and development.  Before roads, houses, utilities, buildings and houses can be developed, engineers, architects and contractors rely on the services of a surveyor to provide information on the existing property.

In commercial development one of the most common surveys is an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey.  This survey is provided to identify the location of the property boundary, the improvements on that property and the location of easements or servitudes that affect the property.  These surveys help identify issues and provide owners, lenders and insurors with information that they need in conveyance and receipt of clear title.

We have extensive experience in boundary surveying, subdivision work, mapping and ATLA/ACSM Land Title Surveys and other items such as preparation of Elevation Certificates, Easement Exhibits, Road District Exhibits and Sanitary District Exhibits.

Please contact us with any questions that you might have, or if you would like an estimate for services (  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your surveying needs.